College Campus Masterplan

“The students are given as much freedom as possible to stimulate individuality. Students take an active part in their education and progress is judged not only by how much they have learned about a subject but also the process of the independent journey.
“Creative thinking in architecture, as in music and mathematics, is conceived in the thought process which precedes the analytical…
I do believe experience and history are a part of the creative effort, but without intuitive thought, experience and history can only lead to imitation. It might be well to define the process of intuitive thought. It is the highest order of thought possible in men and of which men cannot identify the motivating force underlying it. This,
I believe, is the reason “modern man” hesitantly, if at all, uses the word “intuitive.” He believes that to admit he cannot analyze the intuitive process is to confess his ignorance, not realizing that by conceding to the unknown, he is actually displaying his intelligence. The basis to start a creative solution is not by analysis because we can only analyze what has been revealed. Analysis is derived after the creation, not before.”

Ralph Anderson, age 25